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A Tale of Two Oil Companies – November 12, 2014 This may be the shortest blog I’ve ever written. On Election Day, voters in a number of cities and counties voted on whether to severely restrict or ban oil and gas development — the oil industry poured millions of dollars in an effort to avoid […]


Natural Gas Flaring: Will GOP Senate Finally Put Out The Fires? – November 11, 2014 The wheels of politics turn slowly, but the results of the recent Senate race in the U.S. might get them rolling a little faster for the oil and gas industry. Now with Republicans in the majority, we could see meaningful […]

Natural Gas Week

Fracking Ban Approved by Voters in Texas City Under Legal Attack – November 10, 2014 Denton, Texas, is regarded as the town where the energy renaissance in the oil and natural gas industry began as operators honed their skills with hydraulic fracturing techniques. And, last week, voters in Denton passed a ballot measure banning any […]


‘Frack Master’ Joins UK Debate on Shale Gas After Losing Texas Town to Fracking Ban – November 7, 2014 Chris Faulkner, the founder and CEO of the Texas-based Breitling Energy Corporation (BECC)warned against the ‘dangers’ of opposing fracking in the UK at an Npower-funded industry event held in London yesterday. The “Frack Master”, a nickname acquired […]

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Fracking faceoff at energy debate – November 7, 2014 Going head-to-head in what was billed as ‘The Frack Off’ was Chris Faulkner, founder and chairman of Brietling Energy, an oil and gas company based in Dallas, and journalist and human rights activist Ewa Jasiewicz. (more)