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API VP: Elected Officials, Not Voters, Should Make Fracking Decisions – July 11, 2014 Leaving fracking decisions up to voters is “irresponsible,” according to Louis Finkel, the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) vice president, The Hill reported. Because of the complexity of fracking, elected officials are more suited to make the decision, he said. (more)


Energy Industry Fueling Job Growth, Cutting Unemployment – July 11, 2014 If you want to talk about job growth, reducing unemployment in this country, and providing the next generation with a stable foundation of career choices that pay more than the average, you need look no further than the energy industry. (more)

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Guest Comment: Chris Faulkner – July 2014 When the shale boom began in the US a few years ago, both the mainstream media and social media were rife with horror stories about the dangers of fracking.  Most of the stories were just not realistic, but more designed to (at least in the case of mainstream […]

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Gas Diplomacy – July 10, 2014 The United States produces more natural gas than any nation in the world. Yet Russia leads the world in natural-gas exports, using energy to advance its domestic repression and its foreign aggression. (more)


The Weekly Oil And Gas Follies – July 7, 2014 In which we drill down into the @GDBlackmon Twitter feed to briefly chronicle the week’s silliness, shenanigans, fake news and real news related to the oil and natural gas industry. (more)