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Film Festival Censorship Highlights Need for Personal Approach – February 4, 2014 In January, FrackNation was pulled from the Frozen River Film Festival (FRFF) in Winona, Minnesota. It was the first time in the festival’s history that it has censored a documentary it had planned on featuring. It was disappointing, but not surprising. (more)

CNBC Street Signs

Breitling Energy’s Chris Faulkner interviewed – January 30, 2014 Long-term bullish on nat gas: Pro (video)

Edmond Sun

Russia’s Energy Market Is Running on Fumes – January 23, 2014 Russian president Vladmir Putin has won some begrudging admiration for his strategic triumph during the Syria crisis. Let him have his moment. It won’t last long. A new development threatens to rob Putin of a significant part of his international heft. That development, of […]

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Gas Prices Suffer Amid Cold Spell – January 10, 2014 NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Gasoline prices have recovered from the frigid weather brought on by the polar vortex — mitigated by a decrease in demand and coupled with temporary refinery outages. (more)


Market Prophit Finds Predictability in Social Media – December 28, 2013 Is there predictability in the stock market in social media? Igor Gonta of Market Prophit believes so, and has introduced a new feature to his company’s website that helps you find financial bloggers who have crystal balls that are polished and ready to go. […]