DuJour Magazine

The New Face of Oil – Fall 2014 In small towns across America, a new wave of investors is betting hard on drilling—and winning. But as this investigation of an Ohio community proves, every boomtown has its shadows. (more)

New York Post

The facts the anti-frackers ignore – September 29, 2014 University of Maryland researchers recently warned that hydraulic fracturing — the process of shaking oil and gas free from shale deposits far belowground — could endanger the health of nearby residents by exposing them to air and water pollution. This would certainly be cause for alarm […]

Oil Pro

US Sanctions and Energy Boom: Increasing the Pressure on Russia – September 24, 2014 In September, the United States announced new sanctions against Russia targeting the energy, financial and defense sectors. (more)

Foreign Affairs

Local Energy Expansion Would Fuel Tribal Independence – September 19, 2014 The nation’s economic woes have hit American Indians hard. Between 2008 and 2013, unemployment for American Indians never once dipped below 10 percent, the highest rates for any group in all the Midwest, Northern Plains, and Southwest. And nearly one in three single-race American […]

Dallas Business Journal

Denton frack ban vote is ‘vitally important’ Faulkner says – September 19, 2014 The oil and gas industry should do a lot more to combat the perception in Denton before the vote to ban fracking on Nov. 4, Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy, said. (more)