The Energy Industry: Delivering Public Relations Performance

The energy industry is a complex, fast-moving and richly rewarding marketplace. PayPerClip, a leader in pay-for-performance public relations, is a results-driven partner for energy enterprises seeking media relations results. From the innovation of unconventional oil and gas exploration, to the laser-focused needs of down-, mid- and up-stream energy interests and the robustly-expanding world of natural and green energy alternatives, there is opportunity for energy industry market leadership through effective communications, and the revenue opportunity that comes with it.

Our team of energy-industry media relations experts, Capitol Hill communicators and experienced writers means PayPerClip has the resources and know-how to connect with consumer, government, private business and advocacy stakeholders, in a manner that is strategic, nuanced, up-to-the-minute on issues, and, as always, comes with our no-risk, satisfaction-guaranteed media results.

PayPerClip has helped energy leader Breitling Energy earn global recognition, numerous awards and coverage in hundreds of top tier business, consumer, financial and trade media. CEO Chris Faulkner has become a regular resource for such leading media as CNBC, Fox, Oil & Gas Journal, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and countless other key publications.

In addition, PayPerClip, in partnership with full-service, strategy agency Stephenson Group, has successfully guided energy exploration clients to “top five” major media and business prominence, along with some of the industry’s leading technology solution providers.

Do you have an energy story to share? Get started with our of pay-for-performance public relations service now.

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