PayPerClip℠ Pricing Overview

PayPerClip charges only for actual story placements. We guarantee your satisfaction with every placement, if you are not satisfied we will refund the entire placement fee.

PayPerClip media placement rates are based on two factors:

* Marketplace importance of the media outlet, including circulation, demographic market area, syndication, etc.
* Your position in the placement, including number of mentions, airtime, links to your web site, etc.


Most PayPerClip campaigns budget a minimum of $20,000 per quarter. General pricing ranges are given below. For a full explanation of pricing for any media category please see the Rate Sheet. To register as a PayPerClip client please fill out our Getting Started Questionnaire.

PRINT placements can range from a brief appearance (or “mention”) in a key local newspaper or magazine for $850, to a company profile in a mid-size business trade publication for about $3,000, and on up to a full feature in a high level national or international outlet for $5,000.

WEB MEDIA placements can range from $850 for a brief appearance in an online article, to $5,000 for a full feature, including a link to your web site, in a top tier web publication.

TELEVISION placements range from $650 for a brief airing on a local station, to $6,500 for a feature story on a national network.

RADIO placements range from $850 for a brief airing on a single small market station, to $1,800 for a segment broadcast on 25 or more stations.

TOP 5 publications in each category are priced separately.