Internet Commerce Corp

Goal: Respond effectively to crisis.

The PayPerClip team’s mission was to minimize the potentially devastating effects on Internet Commerce Corporation’s client base due to a competitors’ announcement.


Internet Commerce Corporation (ICC), an Internet-based EDI provider, was dealt a major blow when two of its competitors announced that that they were severing interconnectivity between ICC’s network and their own proprietary value-added networks (VANs). The anti-competitive effect of these disconnections was potentially devastating to ICC’s relationships with its clients.

In order to diminish the possibility of negative press and the resulting fallout to clients, a company’s response to the media and other stakeholder’s needs to be clear and consistent, and support the company’s key messages. Affiliate company Stephenson Group (SG) developed a crisis response strategy, and PayPerClip deployed the media relations initiative for ICC in response to the disconnections. The initiative included developing messaging and positioning for the ICC response and the development and execution of a two-month action plan for media relations, client contact, and industry outreach designed to build support for ICC’s position and to deliver the ICC message through the media.


PayPerClip’s media relations campaign produced extensive media coverage of the ICC response, including virtually unanimous endorsement of ICC’s position among the media reporting on the issue. ICC has reported minimal impact from the original competitor announcement, and support has in fact strengthened in various stakeholder groups, including their important client base.

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