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Dallas Business Journal

Denton frack ban vote is ‘vitally important’ Faulkner says – September 19, 2014 The oil and gas industry should do a lot more to combat the perception in Denton before the vote to ban fracking on Nov. 4, Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy, said. (more)    

The Washington Post

U.S. oil surplus eases prices in global crisis – September 8, 2014 Increased U.S. production is helping to create an oil surplus on world markets, driving down prices despite a myriad of threats to oil supplies, and doing more to crush Russia’s economy than the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and European Union, said Chris […]

FX Empire

Global Oil Glut Weighs In On Oil Prices – September 9, 2014 Crude oil prices recovered 29 cents this morning as smart traders bought up the cheap commodity, which is expected to recover to trade near the 95 price over the next months. On the other hand Brent Sea oil continues to decline trading this […]

Oil & Gas Monitor

Fracking on Tribal Lands Fracked by Federal Government – September 5, 2014 When the nasty smear of “Indian giver” was first slung in the 1700s, it was mistakenly applied to Native Americans due to misunderstanding of their bartering practices. Today, the same smear could be more accurately used against the U.S. government. (more)  

CNN International

Is fracking the answer for U.S. energy?  – September 4, 2014 VIDEO:  Richard Quest and Chris Faulkner CEO, Breitling Energy discuss energy independence in the U.S. and a possible solution.